OverNite Male Kit - At Home Sperm Collection Kit

OverNite Male™ Kit for Vasectomy and Cancer Patients

Created by Gail S. Prins PhD, at UI Chicago Andrology Lab , the OverNite Male™ Kit is the original and still the gold standard in overnight sperm banking.

Overnite Male Sperm Banking Kit

For men seeking to preserve fatherhood, the OverNite Male Kit is by far the most convenient, private and cost-effective method available.

The OverNite Male Kit assures that you can securely preserve your specimen within 24 hours of your decision to do so... all from the privacy of your home.

Storage provided by Reprotech. The undisputed leader in long-term storage.

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The Need For Sperm Banking

Men who are facing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for testicular cancer, transurethral resection of the prostate, vasectomy surgery or who have high risk occupational exposure to toxic substances should consider long-term freezing of sperm as they are at risk for sterilization, reduction in fertility potential or genetic damage. Many men in contact sports and those in military service also choose sperm banking as a means of preserving fatherhood.

Sperm Banking From Home

Often times, due to time constraints or geography, men seeking to preserve sperm are not able to get to one our Freezing Centers throughout the country. Often men just feel more comfortable collecting their specimen in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The OverNite Male™ Kit is the perfect answer to these concerns. OverNite Male gives men the comfort of being able to securely bank their sperm within 24 hours of their decision to do so. You can either order a kit online or by phone. Your Kit will be FedEx’d to your home with next day delivery M-Th if ordered by 1 PM Central Time. The Kit is easy to use and virtually foolproof. Once your specimen is within the storage media, it is now secure and safe for transport. You need only FedEx your kit back using the provided labels and you’ve preserved your hopes for fatherhood.

Your specimen will be processed at the University of Illinois at Chicago Andrology Labs, one of the leading labs of its kind in the world. Your specimens will then be stored at ReproTech Ltd., the leading long term storage cryobank in the world.

About the OverNite Male™ Kit

The OverNite Male Kit is the original over night sperm collection kit and still the gold standard. Developed by Gail S. Prins and her team at the University of Illinois at Chicago Andrology Lab in 1994 the kit is by far the simplest to use and most secure. Although many have copied the kit, it’s important to know that they seldom match the quality and security of the original.

Due to the unique partnership of UIC Andrology Lab and ReproTech, Ltd., and their commitment and experience in fertility preservation, the OverNite Male Kit is by far the most cost effective and convenient kit to use. When you compare the true costs combined with the level of service, quality of help and the security of ReproTech’s storage, there truly is no comparison—and for that reason, no better option to trust your hopes.

Cost Compare to Other Kits

Although our OverNite Male™ Kit stands out as the most economical and reliable "at home collection" kit, it's also important to realize that our kit is the ORIGINAL (you know, often imitated, never duplicated). Plus, it's brought to you by the world leader in long-term semen storage. So you can be confident that your hopes are in the right place.

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How to Order

Ordering an OverNite Male™ Kit is easy. Simply contact ReproTech using the information below to get started. ReproTech will forward by fax or e-mail a set of forms for your completion. The required paperwork and payment must be returned to ReproTech prior to overnight delivery of the kit to you.

For most patients*, $575 covers the costs for the first year (includes the kit, delivery of the kit to and from you, processing, transfer and storage for the first year with ReproTech). For those patients who choose to bank more than one specimen, additional kits are available for $325 each. Note that the recurring annual storage fee is billed on a per patient basis, not a per specimen basis, so whether you choose to use one kit or five, your recurring annual storage fee will be just $275.  We also offer a prepaid 3-year storage period, which is only $875.00 and also includes the kit, delivery of the kit to and from you, processing, transfer and storage for the first three years with ReproTech.

*An additional annual storage fee of $138 is assessed for patients who do not forward infectious disease testing and/or who have tested reactive for an infectious disease.


Completed orders (paperwork and payment) must be made by 1 PM central time for same-day shipment M-Th.  Payment may be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

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How Many Specimens Should be Collected?

Once the need for sperm banking is established by the patient and his physician, the patient contacts ReproTech, Ltd. to order an OverNite Male™ Kit or kits. While the patient will always decide on the number of specimens to cryopreserve, sperm quality and time will often limit the number of kits a patient may use. Ironically, men with lower quality sperm typically collect fewer specimens as they will be used in more advanced procedures. Men with higher quality sperm may want to collect more specimens since they will benefit from less technical and less expensive reproductive procedures to achieve pregnancy.

Keep in mind that with today's advanced reproductive technologies, even one cryopreserved specimen can provide enough sperm for multiple attempts at pregnancy.

Generally 2—3 days sexual abstinence is preferred between collections, thus producing multiple specimens can take up to 2 weeks. However, the collection interval and the number of collections can be adjusted to accommodate physicians who believe this time frame is too lengthy and/or for therapy or surgery which must begin sooner.

Sperm Freezing Success Rates"

In general, sperm cells freeze very well. Generally, 40%—60% of sperm retain motility when thawed, depending upon the quality of semen. However, many patients with testicular cancer have reduced sperm count and motility even before therapy. Poor quality specimens do not freeze as well as normal semen samples.

Required Testing

Standards and/or regulations require that patients complete the following serology/virology testing prior to release of specimens from ReproTech for transfer back to patient's clinic for infertility treatment: HBsAg and Anti-HCV, in addition to Anti-HIV 1&2. These specimens will be assessed standard storage fees.

We will accept specimens from patients without Anti-HIV 1&2 (AIDS) testing or who have tested reactive for one or more of the following: Anti-HIV 1&2, HCV, and HBsAg, however, potentially infectious storage fees will apply.

Note: the above testing is required for Client Depositor sperm banking. The OverNite Male Kit may not be used for Donor sperm banking.

How to Attempt Pregnancy with Frozen Sperm

For specimens with normal count and motility, artificial insemination of thawed sperm into the spouse/partner's cervix is performed by a fertility specialist. This will require timed ovulation monitoring during the desired month of conception with 1—2 inseminations (1—2 vials each) around the time the egg is released.

For specimens with below normal parameters for sperm count and/or motility, special Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) may be necessary.

Your cryopreservation results and your partner's own fertility will determine the type of fertility treatment appropriate for you. It is important to learn from your referring physician, ReproTech or from the University Andrology Laboratory the quality of your frozen specimens in order to determine in advance what type of treatment will be most appropriate for your attempt at pregnancy.

Arrangement for the shipment of vials should be done at least one month prior to the time you wish to begin artificial insemination or specialized ART procedures. If you need your samples shipped to another location in the United States, arrangements can be made to ship your specimens via FedEx . Please contact ReproTech for shipping information approximately 30 days prior to use.

About the UIC Andrology Lab

The University Andrology Laboratory originally opened at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago in 1982 and relocated in 1996 to the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, Department of Urology. The laboratory meets the highest standard of quality control and quality assurance. The operation of the University Andrology Laboratory has been under the direction of Gail S. Prins, PhD, HCLD, from its inception to the present.

Laboratory Accreditation

The University of Illinois at Chicago Andrology Laboratory:

  • Is Health Care Finance Administration approved.
  • Is College of American Pathologists inspected and accredited.
  • Has been inspected and is currently certified by CLIA.
  • Inspected, registered and compliant with the FDA Regulations 21 CFR Part 1271.
  • Provides all forms of male fertility testing as well as patient sperm banking.

Gail S. Prins, PhD, HCLD, Laboratory Director is certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis as a high complexity laboratory director and is a member of the American Association of Tissue Banks, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and is Past-President of the American Society of Andrology.

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