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The safety of shipping with ReproTech

At ReproTech we take shipping specimens to and from patients’ clinics seriously. We use a specialized cryoshipper called a mushroom which decreases the chance of the containers being on their sides. Included in our mushroom-style shipper we utilize other protocols in order for your specimens to be shipped safely.

The mushroom-style cryoshipper itself holds a lot of advantages when en route to the destination but ReproTech takes it a step further in assuring that the shipper is up to the above standards. At ReproTech we only use a cryoshipper for 5-years then we dispose of it to ensure that the shipper is up to date. Within the shipper, there is an absorbent material for nitrogen that keeps the specimen at -196° Celsius. We also employ an FDA-approved Cryogaurd thermal indicator which indicates if there is any change in temperature. ReproTech also holds frequent experiments on the nitrogen evaporation rate at our locations to assure our shippers’ efficiency. We have conducted a study of the effects of the shipper’s orientation during shipping you can read it here.

When patient specimens are ready for pickup at their clinic ReproTech will contact the clinic and arrange a timeline for pickup. For routine specimen pickups, ReproTech sends the mushroom shipper via UPS Premier Healthcare on Monday for overnight delivery for both inbound and outbound with arrival to ReproTech on Thursday in order to avoid weekends. When we ship with UPS Premier Healthcare it ensures priority handling with enhanced sensor-based visibility while in transit, live 24/7 location monitoring, proactive delay follow-up, and advanced recovery, if necessary. You can read more about our shipping protocols here. 


What happens if you have a reactive infectious disease result?

ReproTech maintains multi-step safety procedures to eliminate potential cross-contamination between reactive and non-reactive embryos, semen, testicular tissue, oocytes (eggs) and ovarian tissue. From the clinic, to the maintenance of the specimens at ReproTech, these extra steps allow for the safety of reproductive tissue storage for all patients.

After a patient establishes an account with ReproTech, we will request serology test results for communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, or SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. If a test shows a reactive result, ReproTech will send a shipping container for transport that is dedicated for potentially infectious specimens.

When the specimens reach ReproTech, our staff will record the arrival and then separate the specimens into special vapor storage tanks depending on the testing results. For example, specimens that have a reactive result for Hepatitis B are kept separate from specimens with Hepatitis C reactivity. We also store specimens separately that have a “false” reactive result (initial reactive result followed by a non-reactive result), keeping them in different vapor canisters than specimens that do not have confirmatory negative results.

Read more about our Potentially Infectious Storage and Frequently Asked Questions, or you can contact your nearest ReproTech location.