FAQs – How does the reversal of Roe Vs. Wade affect reproductive tissue storage?

How will the reversal of Roe vs. Wade impact the storage of my embryos at ReproTech?

For clients with embryos in storage at all ReproTech locations, currently there is no impact to the storage of your embryos. You have the same control over storing, transferring, donating (when applicable) or discarding your embryos.

What if my embryos are stored in your Texas location?

Based on ASRM’s guidance in their Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine report, ReproTech currently does not expect any impact in the operations at any of our locations, including ReproTech Texas. According to the ASRM report, Texas’s Human Life Protection Act of 2021 “does not appear to be applicable to IVF and reproductive medicine prior to implantation of embryos.” The report goes on to state, “as pregnancy requires ‘a living unborn child within [the pregnant woman’s] body’ a fertilized embryo that is not within a pregnant woman’s body would likely not be within the scope of this law.” Essentially, the Texas law focuses on pregnant women, not to embryos in storage that were created with assisted reproductive technologies.

Our Texas facility continues to provide storage for patients in the south central and south eastern regions of the U. S. We recommend that for patients storing embryos in our Texas facility, continuing to store in Texas will be the most convenient option for you. This is because we have partnerships with several fertility clinics in this region and the shipping distance and cost will be more economical for you.

What if I am storing oocytes (eggs) or sperm?

Oocytes (unfertilized eggs) are not subject to any restrictions for storage or discard because they are not embryos. Sperm is also not affected by the Supreme Court decision on 6/24/22. Only embryos are subject to restrictions and personhood considerations in some states.

What if I want to donate my embryos to research?

When you no longer wish to store your embryos, you have the option to donate them to research programs that are available to you at the time of donation. Embryo research programs often depend on funding from a university or a federal or state grant. For this reason, many programs are only open for a small window of time. If there are no research programs available when you are ready to donate, you may instead donate them to a recipient for use through an embryo donation program, continue to store your embryos or discard them.

Many research programs do not accept embryos that were created or are stored in certain states. Where you currently reside may also restrict your donation options due to state laws that apply to whether embryos can be used for research.

View the donation programs ReproTech currently offers to clients storing embryos.

I don’t currently store with ReproTech, how can I transfer my embryos to ReproTech?

For people who live in states with restrictions on embryo disposition or discard, transferring to ReproTech for long-term storage will give you the peace of mind that you will have control over your embryos. If you would like to transfer your embryos to ReproTech, start by completing our new account forms. Review our Fee Schedule to see our low storage and shipping fees.

ReproTech welcomes new President & CEO, William Braun

ReproTech, LLC, the industry leader in human reproductive tissue cryogenic storage, is pleased to announce that William J. Braun has been selected as ReproTech’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. Braun assumed the role on April 4, 2022, and will be based in ReproTech’s Coconut Creek, FL location.

Braun’s arrival comes as ReproTech also announces the opening of a new Northeast facility in Trumbull, CT later this summer in August 2022. The new location is a one-hour drive from Midtown Manhattan and two hours from Downtown Boston.

ReproTech will benefit from Braun’s extensive experience in healthcare technology, global operations leadership, and FDA regulatory compliance. He has excelled in leading businesses to deliver consistent growth while providing the highest level of product quality and customer service. Before joining ReproTech, Braun was President and Chief Executive Officer at DDS Lab, the fourth largest dental lab in the United States. Prior to DDS Lab, he held leadership roles in two separate business divisions of STERIS Corp, including the President of the Outsourcing Solutions Division and the President of the Reusable Surgical Solutions Division.

Braun looks forward to engaging with the management teams at the five ReproTech regional facilities in the U.S. He affirmed a deep commitment to ReproTech’s partner clinics and their patients. In a recent interview, Braun said, “I’m eager to work with our partner clinics to assist them in meeting the family development objectives of their patients and also helping clinics and oncology centers meet their business objectives.”

Braun succeeds W. Brent Hazelrigg, who has assumed an advisory role within ReproTech as President Emeritus, after serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for 18 years. Braun praised Brent’s legacy as CEO and ReproTech’s teamwork, saying, “I greatly value and respect everything that Brent and the existing team have accomplished in guiding ReproTech to where it is today. My objective is to identify and act on future business opportunities so that we can take the company to the next level.”

ReproTech, LLC has been an industry leader in long-term human reproductive cryostorage and transportation for over 30 years. ReproTech’s facilities in Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, and Connecticut are managed by trained and experienced staff who regularly work with fertility centers and understand the fertility journey of patients. ReproTech’s proven protocols, Multi-Layer Monitoring systems, and disaster-safe rooms offer peace of mind to fertility patients who are storing specimens for future use.
ReproTech CEO William Braun