About Us

ReproTech, Ltd. (RTL) is the only company in the nation that focuses exclusively on the long-term storage of reproductive tissue. We don't sell donor sperm, we don't freeze specimens, we don't provide IVF services—we store reproductive tissue.

Carving out this niche has allowed RTL to devote every resource to developing the best storage protocols and proprietary systems in the world. Hundreds of experts in their own right have transferred specimens from their hospitals or IVF centers to our facilities so they can meet their patients' needs for the most-trusted protection of their fertility specimens.

Because storage is all we do, we are able to provide the best value to our patients. It's a point of pride that we can offer our services at rates that are affordable and cost-effective for most clients. And, for those in need of financial assistance, we have three different programs that can help with fertility preservation costs: LIVESTRONG's Fertility Discount Programs, ReproTech's Verna's Purse Program, and Financial Aid for Military Personnel.

It is important to know that our rates come with no sacrifice to quality of service. In fact, we maintain direct contact with all our patients from start to finish—it is our goal to make the process as comfortable as possible for each individual. If you call, we answer the phone, not an automated calling service that guides you through a maze. If we happen to be busy and you must leave a voice mail, we will return it right away. The protection of your fertility is our singular and primary concern.

Mission Statement

ReproTech's goal is to make reproductive tissue banking services available to cancer patients, and all infertility patients wishing to preserve their fertility by making cryostorage more attainable, affordable and reliable, through ease of access, financial assistance, safety in shipping and security of storage.

ReproTech will provide fertility preservation services to Oncology patients facing fertility compromising treatment and long term cryostorage to Fertility patients through our network of expert providers and at each of our regional cryostorage centers.

ReproTech's attentive service, validated policies and protocols, regulatory compliance and professionally designed facilities will provide both healthcare professionals and patients with the peace of mind they desire and deserve.