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Cell Safe Storage for your Biological Repository Needs

ReproTech Biobank Service is able to provide you with a high level of service for your off-site redundant storage and repository needs. With offices in Coconut Creek, Florida; St. Paul, Minnesota; Reno, Nevada; and Garland, Texas, ReproTech has been providing long-term human reproductive tissue storage for patients since 1990, and non-reproductive biobanking services to industry since 1997. ReproTech has decades of experience working with academic institutions and private companies who conduct stem cell and regenerative medicine research and need secure, reliable offsite storage to safeguard their ongoing studies.

ReproTech Biobank Service offers sophisticated monitoring systems and disaster proof Safe Storage rooms, ideal for meeting the needs of companies seeking redundant storage of their very specialized cell lines. We don’t claim to be the biggest, in fact, even with four regional facilities to serve your needs, we aren’t even close to the size of many of the large warehouse style repositories across the country. However, our approach is designed to serve the needs of small to mid-sized companies who have very specialized requirements.

While FDA registration is required for many of the cell types which ReproTech Biobank Service stores, ReproTech takes this a step further with accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). AATB accreditation is another important feature that separates ReproTech Biobank services from our competitors.

Our storage systems and fee schedules are designed to allow us to serve your facility with seamless flow and economical pricing. Scalability is the key to both. We can use our tanks or yours, liquid or vapor storage, rack and box or canister and cane storage systems. Storage fees are based on the number of units stored and invoicing is typically done on a quarterly basis.

Shipping specimens to and from ReproTech Biobank is also seamless. We can use your tanks or ours; however, we do maintain a fleet of dry shippers and can provide optional shipping insurance when specimens are shipped in ReproTech Biobank tanks.

If you would like more information on ReproTech Biobank Service, please call 573-474-1756.