Fertility Preservation for Patients During Covid-19

A joint statement was released from the Oncofertility Consortium and the Alliance for Fertility Preservation that reaffirmed the importance of offering freezing services to patients undergoing fertility threatening treatments due to cancer or other diseases. It is recommended that other fertility treatments that can be reasonably delayed, including some IVF cycles and elective egg freezing, not be initiated at this time. […]

My cancer surgeries and fertility preservation procedures

March 16th was surgery. They biopsied the left testicle just to make sure that the cancer did not spread and to see if there were any pockets of sperm sitting there that we could get. April 13th was a Thursday and it was my second surgery, I had a surgery that day, it was an […]

Questions men should ask their doctor about fertility

Another question I would ask my doctor is what type of medications are there to help me that could have helped me be part of that 66%, where men do develop and are able to grow sperm again naturally within that first year. I again was not part of that 66% of men that do […]