Facing a cancer diagnosis: empowering parents to speak with adolescents about sperm banking

December, 2017 - Article courtesy of Fertility & Sterility, Vol. 108, Issue 6, Pages 957-958 Both pediatric oncologists and reproductive urologists sharea joint responsibility to educate, treat, and advocate for maleadolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients whorequire gonadotoxic therapy. The importance of fertilitypreservation coincides with the ever-growing number ofpediatric cancer survivors, because most children now survivetheir malignancy into adulthood and ultimately desirefamily building. Unfortunately, the risk of infertility inthis population is remarkably high. Green et al. reviewed the Childhood Cancer Survival Study cohort, ultimatelyincluding 6,224 men in their final analysis (1). Comparedwith healthy siblings, pediatric cancer survivors wereroughly one-half [Read More...]

Some transgender youth preserve fertility by banking sperm or eggs

Before they transition, some transgender youth preserve fertility by banking sperm or eggs  Source: Chicago Tribune, full story at www.chicagotribune.com The summer after high school, Kacey Cabanban came out as transgender and was about to begin the transition to live as a man. But first the teen who grew up in north suburban Wauconda faced one more weighty choice: whether to preserve his fertility — having his eggs harvested and frozen — prior to starting hormone therapy. “The idea of having my own kids with my own eggs was, I guess, a pretty easy decision,” said Cabanban, now 21 and [Read More...]

Why Working Women Are Freezing Their Eggs

In 2012, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine finally lifted the "experimental" tag from egg freezing, since the process had become safe and extremely effective for using harvested eggs for in-vitro fertilization. Now it seems that egg freezing is all the rage with working women across the U.S., but why? Is it because working women are simply focusing on their careers right now? Is egg freezing cheaper than having a baby? Have they not had the time to find the right mate? Is it because of Google, Apple and Facebook? The answer is yes. Women Freeze Their Eggs To Allow for Career [Read More...]

ReproTech Participates in Experiment to Study Cryostorage Tank Performance

Published: October 24, 2019 - ReproTech, Ltd. CEO, Brent Hazelrigg, contributed to this experiment and article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics that provided useful information about cryostorage tank performance after an induced vacuum failure. Assisted Reproduction Technologies Click here for the link to the abstract. Cryostorage tank failures: temperature and volume loss over time after induced failure by removal of insulative vacuum Authors: Kimball O. Pomeroy, Michael L. Reed, Brian LoManto, Stanley G. Harris, W. Brent Hazelrigg, Dawn A. Kelk Abstract Purpose To determine liquid nitrogen evaporation rates of intact liquid nitrogen storage tanks and tanks with their vacuum [Read More...]

World’s First Monkey Born Using Cryogenically Preserved Testicular Tissue

March 21, 2019/ Source:  Associated Press - For the first time, scientists used cryogenically frozen testicular tissue from monkeys to produce functional sperm, which was then used to produce a healthy macaque infant. This experimental method could one day provide a way to preserve fertility in boys treated for cancer—which often results in infertility that lasts into adulthood. Scientists are closing in on a way to help young boys undergoing cancer treatment preserve their future fertility — and the proof is the first monkey born from the experimental technology. More and more people are surviving childhood cancer, but nearly 1 in [Read More...]

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