Fertility Preservation App

Our FREE Fertility Preservation App provides oncology professionals with up to date, easy to access information for their newly diagnosed cancer patients.
The App includes:

  • Information on Fertility Preservation and its options for men, women and children, including Resources and Websites;
  • Locations of local fertility centers in ReproTech's Nationwide network who provide cryopreservation services by providing access to websites, maps, email addresses and phone numbers;
  • Information on OverNite Male™, ReproTech's "sperm banking by air" kit, for males who are unable to visit a fertility center due to illness or location;

Get up-to-date fertility preservation information or find Fertility Centers
near you.

Choose the options that best fit your patients' needs.

Quickly determine which Fertility Centers will work for your patient.

Instant access to maps and contact information for Fertility Centers is at
your fingertips.