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Fertility Preservation for
Patients During Covid-19

joint statement was released from the Oncofertility Consortium and the Alliance for Fertility Preservation that reaffirmed the importance of offering freezing services to patients undergoing fertility threatening treatments due to cancer or other diseases. It is recommended that other fertility treatments that can be reasonably delayed, including some IVF cycles and elective egg freezing, not be initiated at this time.

The statement was in response to guidance issued by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) on 03/17/20, which said that reproductive health care providers should “continue care in cases that are urgent.” They specified that “‘urgent’ refers to all treatment that is time-sensitive, such as impending gonadotoxic therapy or extirpative reproductive surgery.”

Oncology professionals who are experiencing difficulty accessing fertility preservation services for their patients are encouraged to email the Oncofertility Consortium or the Alliance for Fertility Preservation for assistance. Click here for more information.