For Men

Sperm banking is the first step for men who decide to preserve their fertility. This is typical in the case of males who are facing cancer treatments, men facing deployment in the military, high impact sports figures and men who are planning a vasectomy. Surgeries that cause nerve damage or affect the pituitary gland may also cause fertility issues.
ReproTech’s Fertility Preservation Network consists of fertility centers across the U.S. that offer sperm banking/fertility preservation services. Most appointments are available within 24 hours, and some centers allow at-home collection. If you are unable to locate a center close to you, or prefer to collect your specimens privately, ReproTech offers our OverNite Male kit. The kit is convenient, cost-effective and private. The kit(s) and instructions may be ordered online or by phone for delivery to you, usually within 24 hours. Once you have collected your specimen(s), they are delivered via FedEx to the University of Illinois at Chicago Andrology Lab, where they are processed and shipped to ReproTech for storage until ready for use.

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