IVF Florida Patients

For patients of IVF Florida, ReproTech is offering low-cost, long-term cryostorage by transferring your specimens to our storage facility equipped with disaster-proof Safe Storage Rooms.

To establish a new cryostorage account for your reproductive specimens, you will begin by completing ReproTech account forms.

Please respond to the question(s) below. You will then be taken to the DocuSign site to begin the forms process. If you are storing more than one specimen type, please complete forms for each type of specimen. Forms completed in DocuSign will automatically be sent to ReproTech and you will receive a copy via email.

You will be required to pay ReproTech’s current storage fees to store your specimens. You can return your specimens to your clinic for future assisted reproductive procedures or when needed, ReproTech offers several final disposition options including future thaw and discard, shipment to an embryo donation organization, or research program (if available).

ReproTech has partnered with IVF Florida to offer free group transports of specimens.

If you have questions, feel free to email or call our Florida office: 954-570-7687.

Client Information

  • Email Address:
    • Your email will be used for important account correspondence.
    • Personal Health Information will be delivered to this address including a copy of your DocuSign contract(s).
  • Payment Method:
    • Your credit/debit card or E-Check information for payment verification