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6 Reasons to Choose ReproTech

  • Industry Leader since 1990
  • Competitive Fees. Unmatched Service
  • 4 Strategic Locations Throughout the U.S.
  • Undisputed Experts in Long-term Storage
  • Safe & Secure Shipping
  • Financial Assistance Available

ReproTech is a leader in developing storage protocols and documentation practices that have become the standard for our industry. As a long-term reproductive tissue storage specialist, we are dedicated to creating and improving protocols to ensure the safety and accuracy of the tissues entrusted to us.


ReproTech maintains documentation of effective specimen transfer using quality control measures. AATB and NY State inspections have confirmed the effectiveness of ReproTech’s procedures for specimen transfer and storage.


ReproTech’s storage tanks are inspected frequently and manually replenished with liquid nitrogen by trained and experienced staff. Our storage tanks do not rely on electricity to maintain their cryogenic environment. Each tank is also monitored 24/7 with sophisticated systems capable of detecting temperature variations as slight as .01 degrees Celsius. Every tank room is also monitored 24/7 with remote access cameras.


Access to ReproTech facilities is by appointment only and the entrances remain locked 24/7. Additionally, the cryostorage area in each facility is accessed by magnetically locking doors. Lastly, each site is monitored 24/7 by security systems.


Our offices are strategically located around the United States in areas that are lower in risk for natural disasters, while providing clients convenient access to storage. Additionally, ReproTech has installed F5 Tornado Shelters in our Minnesota and Texas facilities, Safe Rooms to withstand wildfires in our Nevada facility, and Storm Rooms to endure Category 5 hurricanes at our Florida facility. These Safe Storage Rooms house our cryostorage tanks and are built to withstand increasingly strong and frequent storms, giving our clients priceless peace of mind. Learn more about our Safe Storage Facilities.

Potentially Infectious Specimen Storage

ReproTech provides storage services for patients who have tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HTLV 1 & 2, Syphilis or other communicable diseases. We provide separate shipping and storage tanks that are used exclusively for Potentially Infectious Specimens. Learn more about Potentially Infectious Specimen Storage.

Safe & Secure Shipping

We’ve developed industry leading processes for shipping specimens which assure the safety and security of every specimen. All of our shipping tank enclosures feature our proprietary locking mechanisms and custom Secure Tight seals to prevent unauthorized personnel from opening. Shipping tanks are inspected before and after each shipment, and we validate each tank annually and replace them automatically after 5 years. These processes assure the safety and security of every specimen, plus we offer the industry’s only shipping insurance. Click for more details about our shipping processes