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My cancer surgeries and fertility preservation procedures

March 16th was surgery. They biopsied the left testicle just to make sure that the cancer did not spread and to see if there were any pockets of sperm sitting there that we could get. April 13th was a Thursday and it was my second surgery, I had a surgery that day, it was an elective surgery, to go into my remaining testicle, prior to radiation starting, for them to see if they could then biopsy the testicle again to see if there were any of those similar pockets of sperm count—sperm—in there. So we did and we were very concerned about fertility at that point.

The first surgery they did find some sperm. We immediately put that into one of the freezers at one of the hospitals and did the same after the April 13th surgery, so we did have frozen sperm. In June we did go through an IVF cycle with the sperm that was found. However it was amorphic, low mobility, low sperm count and probably not going to happen. It did fertilize her eggs, however they didn’t make it. So at that point we had started the IVF with the sperm that they found, but that didn’t take. It was unsuccessful straight across the board.