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Fertility Preservation for Patients During Covid-19

A joint statement was released from the Oncofertility Consortium and the Alliance for Fertility Preservation that reaffirmed the importance of offering freezing services to patients undergoing fertility threatening treatments due to cancer or other diseases. It is recommended that other fertility treatments that can be reasonably delayed, including some IVF cycles and elective egg freezing, not be initiated at this time. […]

A Study On Patient Contact Protocol

The disposition of embryos and continued contact with the patient is a significant issue within the embryo storage community. Recently a study was published in the Journal of Fertilization: In Vitro, IVF Worldwide, Reproductive Medicine, Genetics & Stem Cell Biology, which focused on one program’s experience with contacting patients about embryos in storage. The goal […]

My experience with banking sperm prior to cancer treatment

It was real simple. When I banked sperm it was, I think, like two days after the surgery. It was right after the surgery, so the surgery itself is high, it’s like in the groin area for testicular cancer. They’ll cut you about 3 or 4 inches, maybe about 3 inches. They reach down, cut […]

Father’s Day: One Man’s Struggle to Be a Dad

  Chad Brick’s desire to be a dad hit rough waters, even his battle with cancer Man plans, God laughs. — Yiddish proverb He sat at the kitchen table of his west Miami-Dade County home, flipping through a binder thick with medical records from the past three years of cancer treatments. “You hear people say, […]

What are the main options for a pre-treatment adult male?

The options for men are sperm banking which is the most common, testicular sperm extraction which is little bit more in depth and can be done before or after treatment, and testicular tissue freezing which is very experimental and not commonly done in a lot of different places and you‘d have to work with urologist […]

My experience with testicular cancer, banking sperm, and chemotherapy

I was diagnosed, I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the time, 26 years old, feeling like a normal 26 year old kid, you know, going to the gym, playing basketball, didn’t think, you know, in the world, that I’d get cancer. It didn’t even cross my mind that it could happen to me. I […]

My cancer surgeries and fertility preservation procedures

March 16th was surgery. They biopsied the left testicle just to make sure that the cancer did not spread and to see if there were any pockets of sperm sitting there that we could get. April 13th was a Thursday and it was my second surgery, I had a surgery that day, it was an […]

Questions men should ask their doctor about fertility

Another question I would ask my doctor is what type of medications are there to help me that could have helped me be part of that 66%, where men do develop and are able to grow sperm again naturally within that first year. I again was not part of that 66% of men that do […]

Hurricane Irma Information

We are happy to report that ReproTech’s Florida cryostorage center, including all cryopreserved tissue, experienced no damage or effects of Hurricane Irma.  Our Florida office is up and running, business as usual. We followed our natural disaster protocols, which included storing all specimens in our Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room, certified to withstand 330 mile per hour […]