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In conjunction with the June 2018 Dallas Embryologist Association (DEA) meeting, ReproTech held an Open House at the new state-of-the-art facility in Garland, TX.  Before enjoying dinner and a presentation by Mike Reed, PhD, HCLD at Texas Steak House in Richardson; DEA members were given an opportunity to tour the interior of the new ReproTech location.  During the tour, DEA members viewed the new Texas StormRoomtm, storage tanks, and office space while enjoying hors d'oeuvres. 

The well-received presentation by Mike Reed, PhD, HCLD of the Fertility Center of New Mexico discussed Safe Storage of Cryopreserved Specimens. 


In 2012, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine finally lifted the "experimental" tag from egg freezing, since the process had become safe and extremely effective for using harvested eggs for in-vitro fertilization. Now it seems that egg freezing is all the rage with working women across the U.S., but why? Is it because working women are simply focusing on their careers right now? Is egg freezing cheaper than having a baby? Have they not had the time to find the right mate? Is it because of Google, Apple and Facebook? The answer is yes.

It’s official, ReproTech’s all-new StormRoomTM is now the safest little storehouse in Texas. We’ve recently re-located from Mesquite to our new state-of-the-art facility in Garland, Texas, and we didn’t just move a few tanks and boxes, we updated everything!

Before they transition, some transgender youth preserve fertility by banking sperm or eggs

 Source: Chicago Tribune, full story at
The summer after high school, Kacey Cabanban came out as transgender and was about to begin the transition to live as a man.

But first the teen who grew up in north suburban Wauconda faced one more weighty choice: whether to preserve his fertility — having his eggs harvested and frozen — prior to starting hormone therapy.

“The idea of having my own kids with my own eggs was, I guess, a pretty easy decision,” said Cabanban, now 21 and a junior at Michigan State University. “Even just having the option available … I knew I wanted to do that.”

ReproTech, Ltd., the industry leader in safe storage of cryopreserved reproductive tissue, and Fertility Preservation Trust, a venture of Ashley W. Pittman, PLLC, have come together to offer the opportunity to create a special trust to reflect unique disposition wishes for families’ frozen reproductive tissues.

Fertility Preservation Trust, a recent addition to ReproTech services, connects reproductive tissue storage clients, including cancer patients storing for the purpose of fertility preservation, with Ashely W. Pittman, PLLC, founder of The Fertility Preservation Trust. As the leader in long term storage, ReproTech is offering this latest innovation in cryostorage planning. The Fertility Preservation Trust is a special legal document which allows clients to preserve and protect their reproductive material exactly as they wish.

In light of last year’s hurricane season, we are doubling down on our industry-leading cryostorage and security by expanding our Florida hurricane center by 150%. What was once a single 160 sq. ft. hurricane-safe room will now be a total of 400 sq. ft. with the addition of a second larger 240 sq. ft. hurricane-safe room — the most reliable and safest on planet earth. Engineered to endure category 5 hurricanes, placed outside the 500-year flood plain and capable of withstanding F5 tornado wind speeds greater than 320 mph. our Florida facility is ready for anything Mother Nature can dish out.

At ReproTech we’re taking our commitment to providing safe and reliable cryostorage one step further. Our Texas location will be the fourth ReproTech facility equipped with an unprecedented level of protection against natural disasters. Our new Texas StormRoom™ is specially designed to endure category 5 hurricanes, F5 tornado wind speeds greater than 250 mph and is reinforced with Kevlar® to further add to its durability. So, even if the hurricanes and tornadoes are bigger in Texas, your specimens will remain as cool as the other side of the pillow.

December, 2017 - Article courtesy of Fertility & Sterility, Vol. 108, Issue 6, Pages 957-958

Both pediatric oncologists and reproductive urologists share
a joint responsibility to educate, treat, and advocate for male
adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients who
require gonadotoxic therapy. The importance of fertility
preservation coincides with the ever-growing number of
pediatric cancer survivors, because most children now survive
their malignancy into adulthood and ultimately desire
family building. Unfortunately, the risk of infertility in
this population is remarkably high.

reprotech hurricane irma
irma headline

We are happy to report that ReproTech’s Florida cryostorage center, including all cryopreserved tissue, experienced no damage or effects of Hurricane Irma.  Our Florida office is up and running, business as usual. We followed our natural disaster protocols, which included storing all specimens in our Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room, certified to withstand 330 mile per hour winds. While Irma was a significant storm, the impact on the Coconut Creek area was less than we anticipated. 

We are proud and fortunate to have a dedicated team at ReproTech.  Thank you to our Florida staff who prepared and persevered through Irma, and to the staff at our three other centers who covered the phones, emails and offered their full support.  Our hearts and thoughts continue to be with those who have been affected by the devastation of this storm.


February 10, 2017 - At 8 years old and with leukemia, Jhayliegh Rosales is years away from thinking about having her first baby.

When the ebullient second-grader checked into Children’s Mercy Hospital recently in preparation for a bone marrow transplant, she’d placed a pink cap over where her brown hair used to be. In brave declaration of her future, she wore a T-shirt printed with “WATCH ME WIN” as she rolled through the hospital’s halls, balancing inside a new pair of silver high-top sneakers embedded with wheels like roller skates.

“She just got those,” said her father Daniel Rosales, 28, a milk delivery truck driver from Ulysses. “They ought to keep her busy.”

Rosales and Jhayliegh’s mother Alyssa Lopez, 27, of Garden City, Kan., had to do some significant balancing of their own regarding Jhayliegh’s future — as a mother.

In late December, Jhayliegh became the youngest person in the Kansas City area to undergo a procedure, still considered experimental, in which ovarian tissue was surgically removed and frozen in the event that 15 or more years from now she may want to have biological children of her own.