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Testicular Tissue Cryopreservation Shown to be a Safe and Feasible Option

11/03/2021/Source: UMPC -Kien Tran a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This summary is written by Tran participating in the Science writing mentorship. When a child has cancer, their parents are rightfully focused on a cure. But that cure can come at a future cost: infertility. I am a Ph.D. candidate […]

Baby Born From 27-Year-Old Embryo

Baby born from 27-year-old embryo believed to have broken record set by her big sister 12/01/2020/ Source: CNN – Though Molly Gibson is just over one month old, she could’ve been born at any point in the last 27 years. Her embryo was frozen in October 1992 and stayed frozen until earlier this year in […]

ReproTech Presents Study on
Safe Cryogenic Shipping

ReproTech, Ltd. Presents Study on Important Considerations for Safe Cryogenic Shipping PRESS RELEASE: St. Paul, MN, October 29, 2020 –(– ReproTech, Ltd. was honored to present an oral abstract at the virtual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2020 Scientific Congress and Expo that resulted from a study designed by authors, W. Brent Hazelrigg, President […]

Egg Freezing as an Option for Women with Endometriosis to Achieve Pregnancy

April 2020: A study by Ana Cobo, PhD, et al, published in Fertility and Sterility, found that for some women with endometriosis, early fertility preservation, including egg freezing, can be a helpful treatment option to achieve future pregnancy. The study included 485 women with endometriosis who froze their oocytes for future use. The study concluded […]

A Study on Patient Contact Protocol

The disposition of embryos and continued contact with the patient is a significant issue within the embryo storage community. Recently a study was published in the Journal of Fertilization: In Vitro, IVF Worldwide, Reproductive Medicine, Genetics & Stem Cell Biology, which focused on one program’s experience with contacting patients about embryos in storage. The goal […]

War and Male Genital Trauma – Experiences from Iraq and Afghanistan

March 12, 2012, from the Male Reproductive Health Alliance – Steve Waxman, M.D., J.D. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade have resulted in over 50,000 United States combat related injuries. Genitourinary (GU) trauma accounted for roughly one in twenty of all these injuries. The vast majority of these injuries were puncturing […]

Fertility Preservation Network Collaborates with National Disease Research Interchange

ReproTech, Ltd. has agreed to facilitate collaboration between fertility and cancer centers within its network of facilities and the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI), to provide surgical tissue for use in studies to understand human disease.   Staff at participating medical facilities will be provided with NDRI information and consent forms to distribute to their […]

Reproductive Tissue Storage Facility Offers Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room

Cryostorage facility offers peace of mind to its clients in hurricane-prone areas May 25, 2012 – ReproTech, Ltd., the leading cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos, and ovarian and testicular tissue), relocated its Florida cryostorage facility and added an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room in preparation for the upcoming Hurricane […]

World Record Shattered

August 24, 2012 – World Record for Birth through Cryopreserved Sperm is Broken As a world record is broken, hope comes alive.   Late in August, twin girls were born to a couple who used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve pregnancy. On the surface, this may look like just another of the increasingly common […]