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New research supports long-held beliefs that length of cryostorage period does not impact embryo survival

SOURCE: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics April 2014, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 471-475 A recent article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics concluded that storage time did not influence the survival and pregnancy outcomes of slow-frozen early cleavage human embryos. The developmental potential of cryopreserved human embryos with different storage times […]

Fertility Preservation Network Welcomes Newark, Delaware Area Facility

April 14, 2014 – ReproTech, Ltd., the leading cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos and ovarian and testicular tissue), reached an agreement with Reproductive Associates of Delaware today. Reproductive Associates of Delaware, with offices in Newark, Wilmington, and Dover, DE, joins the more than 100 facilities included in ReproTech’s […]

Delaying Pregnancy Becomes New Normal

May 9, 2014 – NBC news On the NBC news segment titled, “Delaying Pregnancy Becomes New Normal”, anchor Brian Williams said, “Women are waiting longer to have children if they can afford to” and cited that in the last decade, there’s been a 35% increase among women, ages 40-44, having children for the first time […]

 Twin Cities ONS Chapter Hosts Fertility Preservation Presentation

New Brighton Community Center in New Brighton, MN was the setting for a presentation entitled Fertility Preservation for the Oncology Patient. This program strives to promote education and extend access to fertility preservation services.  ReproTech, Ltd., a cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos and ovarian and testicular tissue), was […]

ReproTech Ready for Hurricane Season

June 4, 2014 – ReproTech, Ltd. is ready for hurricane season, which officially began on June 1.  In 2011 ReproTech installed a Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room in its Florida cryostorage center.  The Safe Room, designed by structural engineers, is manufactured by F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms.  A Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room can […]

New Nevada Location:

ReproTech Ltd., to build wildfire and earthquake-resistant storage room in new Nevada location. ReproTech Ltd. has taken another step in ensuring safe storage options for clients’ reproductive specimens. This fall, doors will open on a new facility in Nevada that will contain a storage room that is both wildfire and earthquake-resistant. This location will be […]

 Sperm recognized as property in B.C. case; donors win $6.2M settlement

 May 20, 2015 – Article courtesy of Vancouver – The University of B.C. has agreed to compensate hundreds of cancer victims whose sperm was inadvertently destroyed, in a settlement that recognizes for the first time sperm as property. The $6.2-million settlement was reached by both sides in April after years of wrangling in B.C. […]

 Sperm banking rates increase with counseling for cancer patients

 May 28, 2015 – Article courtesy of New Orleans – Fertility counseling for men with cancer, prior to initiating treatment, can increase the rate of sperm preservation, according to a new survey presented during the 110th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA). The research was highlighted by study authors during a […]

Industry’s Growth Leads to Leftover Embryos, and Painful Choices

For patients with low fertility, embryo donations and IVF centers provide the hope of still having a family one day despite less-than-ideal circumstances. As recently reported in the New York Times article, Unused Embryos Pose Difficult Issue: What to Do With Them, these services continue to rapidly grow in popularity. In fact, IVF procedures now […]