Oncology Professionals

At ReproTech, we've made it our goal to work with oncology professionals to help them educate their patients about their future fertility. With advancements in cancer treatment, more and more survivors go on to lead rich, full lives. Our goal is to help ensure that children are an option in those lives.

Advancements in reproductive technologies have given nearly every cancer patient hope for future reproductivity. Which makes the fertility preservation conversation more important than ever. On this page we've provided some resources you'll find helpful in facilitating those conversations, as well as a link to our Fertility Preservation Network which makes it easy to find reputable IVF centers for reproductive tissue retrieval.

But perhaps our best resource is our people. Please feel free to call us anytime to learn how long-term reproductive tissue storage takes one more burden from your patients minds and frees them to recover, knowing the future is safe.

Download the App

We've created a fantastic app many oncology pros are carrying with them to aid in the fertility conversation and have instant access to our Nationwide Fertility Preservation. Click here to download it - free.