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Applying for the LIVESTRONG fertility assistance program? Please read below for more information on the reduced fee we offer.

Please note: Because of potential shipping delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to offer OverNite Male Kits to residents of Hawaii. You may contact our partner clinic in Honolulu, HI, Fertility Institute of Hawaii for in-person sperm freezing services.

Three ways to order the OverNite Male™ Kit


Order Online:

Fill out DocuSign forms for your OverNite Male account:
Fill out all information and sign agreements according to the instructions on the first page of the documents.

DocuSign forms will automatically be sent to our office. You may email us to verify receipt of the forms at:

Purchase the kit: Payment may be made by PayPal using the links below, by giving credit card authorization by phone or by including credit card information and authorization on the registration form (included in the DocuSign forms also).

PLEASE NOTE: Forms must be completed and submitted, and payment made, prior to the shipment of the kit. For next day delivery your order must be completed by 1 PM Central Time, M-Th.



You may e-mail us at to order kits and/or to request OverNite Male account forms to be e-mailed or faxed. Note: e-mails are responded to between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time M-F, however for next day delivery your order must be completed by 1:00 PM Central Time, M-Th.



You may also phone our office at 651-489-0827 or 888-586-3389 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Central Time M-F to order kits and have the OverNite Male account forms emailed or faxed to you. (For next day delivery your order must be completed by 1 PM Central Time, M-Th). You can also complete the forms via DocuSign.

Instructions for ordering your OverNite Male™ Kit

Please note that all three forms must be completed and returned to ReproTech along with payment prior to the kit being sent.

Kits are sent by FedEx Overnight service Monday through Thursday, when payment and all completed forms are received prior to 1:00 PM Central Time. For orders placed on a Friday, a kit will be delivered to you the following Tuesday.

Kits may be returned to the processing lab by FedEx Overnight service Monday through Thursday ONLY. PLEASE NOTE THAT KITS CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE LAB ON FRIDAY FOR SATURDAY DELIVERY.

For most patients*, $575 covers the first year’s costs (including the kit, delivery of the kit to and from you, processing, transfer and storage for the first year with ReproTech.)

Each additional kit costs $350.

*You are required to submit your HIV 1 & 2 testing results within 90 days to qualify for the standard storage rate. An additional annual storage fee of $163 is assessed for patients who do not forward infectious disease testing and/or who have tested reactive for an infectious disease. If you have questions about these testing requirements please call us at: 651-489-0827 or 888-586-3389.

Unused kits may not be returned, however a refund for unused services associated with unused kits is available. The fee for unused kits is $100 and is not refundable.

The OverNite Male™ Kit may be used only for individuals banking sperm for use with their partner. It may not be used for the collection and processing of donor sperm.

Applying for the LIVESTRONG Fertility Program assistance? Financial Assistance is available for oncology patients through LIVESTRONG’s Fertility Discount Program. Please review the application criteria and if you feel you may qualify, please contact LIVESTRONG for details. If you are approved by LIVESTRONG, the OverNite Male fee for one kit (including the kit, delivery of the kit to and from you, processing, transfer and storage for the first year with ReproTech) is reduced to $375. Please contact our office directly to order the LIVESTRONG discounted kit: 651-489-0827 or 888-586-3389 or email to

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