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Preserving Sperm

Sperm cryopreservation – the first step in preserving your fertility

For individuals facing possible infertility ReproTech partners with the best cryopreservation experts in the country. Whether you are starting cancer treatments, deploying in the military, participating in high-impact sports, planning on having a vasectomy or starting gender transition, ReproTech offers hope for those who want to start a future when they are ready and able.

ReproTech’s Fertility Preservation Network consists of fertility centers across the U.S. that offer sperm banking/fertility preservation services. Most appointments are available within 24 hours, and some centers allow at-home collection.

ReproTech’s OverNite Male Kit

If you are unable to locate a cryopreservation facility close to you, or prefer to collect your specimens from home, ReproTech offers our OverNite Male kit. Our home collection kit is convenient, cost-effective and discrete. An OverNite Male Kit can be ordered online or by phone and is usually delivered within 24 hours. Once collected, your specimens are delivered via FedEx to the University of Illinois at Chicago Andrology Lab, where they are processed and shipped to ReproTech for storage until they are ready for use.

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