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Questions men should ask their doctor about fertility

Another question I would ask my doctor is what type of medications are there to help me that could have helped me be part of that 66%, where men do develop and are able to grow sperm again naturally within that first year. I again was not part of that 66% of men that do develop sperm again but there was something called the Gonal-f Pen that was in Europe; it was tested and approved for males to use but the FDA in the United States did not have up to this point did not approve for use on men to help them develop some sperm.

So luckily I had good insurance ‘cause it is a very expensive medication for men, women use it going through fertility also, and when I call it a pen it literally looks like a ballpoint pen and you basically four times a week would inject myself in my thigh as well as take Clomid to try and help boost sperm count or developing sperm count. So the pen, I would inject it in my leg and there are some side effects so I definitely talk about ask your doctor about side effects. I started sweating as if it was 20 degrees below zero that was my only side effect; they’re just incredibly cold sweats. As far as that would be a very important question to ask is what is there any medication out there that would help me get to that 66% of men that do develop sperm again?

And another thing I would definitely recommend is make sure that your doctor is a specialist in fertility. The doctor that we were seeing was the doctor that diagnosed me but he’s a specialist in fertility, so he was up-to-date on what they were doing in Europe and other countries to try and help the fertility issue in men. So that would also be very important. Just make sure you’re talking to a specialist.