ReproTech Adds New Hurricane Shelter to Florida Facility

In light of last year’s hurricane season, we are doubling down on our industry-leading cryostorage and security by expanding our Florida hurricane center by 150%. What was once a single 160 sq. ft. hurricane-safe room will now be a total of 400 sq. ft. with the addition of a second larger 240 sq. ft. hurricane-safe room — the most reliable and safest on planet earth. Engineered to endure category 5 hurricanes, placed outside the 500-year flood plain and capable of withstanding F5 tornado wind speeds greater than 320 mph. our Florida facility is ready for anything Mother Nature can dish out.

No one is a more experienced or reliable cryo-shipping and storage provider than we are. Now with the expansion of our hurricane-safe room in Florida, we have the capacity to provide our industry-leading services and peace of mind to even more people. Nothing fills us with more pride than that.

For over 25 years IVF clinics and patients have come to view ReproTech as the number one cryostorage provider in the world. Each day we honor that hard-fought reputation though the relentless improvement of everything we do — making sure that in the minds of our patients and clinics we are always number one. Proof of this commitment can be found in our newly expanded hurricane safe room or in any of our other three facilities located in Texas, Minnesota and Nevada. No matter where you live, you can always count on ReproTech.

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