ReproTech Safe Storage Facilities

At ReproTech, we take pride in providing our clients with the safest reproductive specimen storage options available. We have four strategically placed cryostorage centers across the country to offer convenient and efficient long term storage to IVF centers and their clients throughout the United States. To assure the safety of patient specimens, our locations are intentionally placed out of the path of Mother Nature’s fury. But since you can never be quite sure of what she’ll throw at you, we build our storage sites to withstand her worst, like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. ReproTech is the only organization that offers this high level of security for clients looking to store reproductive specimens. 

In addition to protection from the elements, all of our facilities utilize monitoring systems that are capable of detecting a change in cryostorage tank temperature as slight as .01 degrees Celsius and are under 24/7 surveillance and data recording. On top of the automated monitoring, all tanks are also manually filled and monitored weekly by ReproTech staff to ensure we can continuously evaluate each tank's performance and nitrogen consumption.  Additionally, each specimen is meticulously documented to ensure it is stored accurately and can be transported efficiently. Since entrance into ReproTech facilities is by appointment only, clients can rest easy knowing that their specimens are safeguarded by doors that are locked 24/7.

For more information about each of our facilities, please see the tabs below.


Florida Facility

This facility features:

  • High security keypad entry system with magnetic locks
  • Monitored Burglar alarm systems
  • Fire monitoring
  • Traditional sprinkler system

Our Florida facility provides clients and IVF professionals in southern states with a convenient storage option for their reproductive specimens. To ensure the safest possible storage for our clients in this region, we built two Safe Rooms in this facility that are able to withstand an EF-5 tornado, which is more powerful than any hurricane that, while unlikely, may occur in the area.

A Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room can sustain winds greater than 155 mile per hour. Our Florida Safe Room is designed and certified to withstand 330 mile per hour winds, and exceeds all F.E.M.A. guidelines as an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room. We are the only storage facility in the country to go as far as installing an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room as a Hurricane Shelter to protect clients' specimens.

In this part of the United States, safety from flooding is also a necessity. Therefore, the exact location in South Florida was chosen because it is outside the 500 year flood plain, meaning it has less than a 1/5 of 1% chance of flooding in a given year. The 99.8% certainty of flood protection and being out of the area impacted by Category 5 Hurricanes, combined with the EF-5 storm shelter, provides clients with priceless peace of mind.

As an industry leader in long term storage, ReproTech continues to explore systems, procedures and equipment that will ensure the continued safety of the reproductive specimens our clients have entrusted to us.

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