Long-term cryostorage doesn’t have to be expensive!

ReproTech provides affordable semen storage without sacrificing the safety of your specimens. Our Storm-Proof, Safe Storage rooms, robust monitoring systems and experienced staff keep your future hopes safe. Here’s how you can get started with affordable storage for your frozen semen:

  1. Begin filling out new account forms by visiting our DocuSign Start Page.
  2. ReproTech coordinates the transportation of your frozen specimens to our facilities for long-term storage.
  3. Store your specimens until you’re ready to continue your family-building journey.
  4. We’ll work with your clinic for transfer.
  5. We’ll work with your clinic for transfer.
Cryostorage Experts

Learn more about what you can expect from ReproTech. Download our brochure. Have questions? Fill out this form or call (651)-489-0827.

How much does it cost to store semen at ReproTech? See the chart below for reference.

Semen Storage Costs

Quarterly $95
1 year $349
2 years $665
3 years $980
4 years $1,300
5 years $1,465
10 years $2,700
Shipping* $350
Total First Year $349
Total First Year with Shipping $699

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