Sperm and Oocyte Disposition Options

Two options are provided for the final disposition of sperm or oocytes (eggs):

Donation for Research; for more information see the Donation for Research programs below.* Testicular tissue and ovarian tissue cannot be donated through these research programs.

Thaw and Discard; please contact ReproTech for the required termination form (must be notarized).

* Please note that you are required to continue paying storage fees to ReproTech until your sperm or oocytes are shipped out to a donation program. You are responsible for completing all applicable paperwork required by ReproTech and the donation program you select. Not all specimens will qualify for donation. Please contact the research program for eligibility criteria.

Research Donation Programs

Sperm Research Donation

Thread Robotics

Thread Robotics is utilizing new technologies to improve assisted reproduction. We are applying artificial intelligence to optimize gamete selection with the hopes of increasing the reproductive outcomes of infertility patients. Our laboratory is analyzing gamete properties and is seeking participants to donate frozen semen for use in our research.

For any questions regarding our study, please email the study coordinator at study@threadrobotics.com.

Oocyte Research Donation

RENEW Biobank – Stanford University

The RENEW Biobank accepts donations of oocytes for future research. Only researchers with expertise and resources to handle human reproductive specimens will receive these tissues. Donated tissue will never be used to create a baby; the goal is to improve treatment options for future patients.

The RENEW Biobank is only able to accept ReproTech specimens that are being stored in Nevada as of now. Minnesota, Florida and Texas do not have clearly defined laws regarding the acceptance of reproductive specimens donated to research. So at this time, Stanford’s program has taken the position not to accept donations from these states.

If you would like more information on the RENEW Biobank’s research and enrollment process, please take a look at their website.

If you would like to reach out to the coordinator for questions, please email renew-biobank@lists.stanford.edu.