Sperm storage costs

The costs to collect and freeze sperm vary, depending on the number of specimens you bank with us. Charges for the blood testing can generally be completed for less than $1,000. Storage fees also vary, depending on the storage facility, but are in the $275-500 per year range. ReproTech’s sperm storage fees are the lowest of all the major facilities in the country.

Quarterly $75
1 year $275
2 years $490
3 years $705
4 years $920
5 years $1050
10 years $1905
Admin $0
Handling $0
Shipping* $250
Total First Year $275
Total First Year with Shipping $525

*Shipping fees may be discounted or eliminated if ReproTech can include specimens as part of a group shipment with partner clinics.
Shipping Insurance costs: $38/$58
Click here for more information about shipping insurance.