Storage Fee Pledge and Policies

In today's environment of economic uncertainty, all of us are looking at our expenses. While many of our competitors are increasing their fees again, ReproTech, once again, promises you, we will not.

At ReproTech, Ltd. we promise to hold our storage fees at their current levels through the next two years. Of course, you can be assured of receiving the same excellent service you've always enjoyed... because even though we won't raise our prices, we won't lower the bar on service.

While more and more clinics and patients turn to ReproTech for long-term cryostorage, we are able to offset the increases in overall costs we are experiencing. This allows us to continue to provide you the extra level of customer service you enjoy from ReproTech without fee increases.

We would like to make you aware of our history and policies for storage fees:

  • Because of our continued growth and efficiencies, we've never had to increase embryo storage fees.
  • ReproTech has not increased the fee for sperm or oocyte storage since 2004, and remains the lowest in the industry.
  • ReproTech began offering 4-10 year storage plans in 2009, which offer dramatic savings for clients.
  • ReproTech actually lowered our storage fees by 25% for Potentially Infectious storage in 2008. As this part of the business has grown our costs of delivering this service have decreased on a per account basis and we are passing the savings on to you.
  • ReproTech does not include add-on fees such as handling fees, account set-up fees, etc., which are charged by commercial sperm banks who also offer long-term storage.
  • So, while we are pledging to not raise storage fees for two years, our goal is to not raise our storage fees, period.  With our history, we think we can maintain our goal.