Storage Solutions

The need for long-term, off-site storage is a growing need among IVF centers nationwide. In fact, the more successful your clinic, the greater your need. The increasing number of mixups within clinics and the national negative exposure of these incidents is the worst case scenario. However, most clinics mistakenly believe they are currently making money on storage fees. In reality, our research shows that very few have the systems in place to bill, track and collect enough fees to warrant the risk they are assuming. And more importantly, stored specimens are a liability that sooner or later, every clinic must face.

The best storage solution is a proactive partnership with ReproTech... The worldwide leader in long-term storage

Auto Transfer

By far the most popular service clinics like yours choose. Simply put, once you've succeeded in achieving pregnancy, the couple's remaining embryos, eggs, or sperm are automatically sent to ReproTech for ongoing storage.

There's no cost to you!

We handle shipping and all the fees. Once a client's specimens are sent to us, we become responsible for billing, collecting and determining the final disposition of the specimens. You are relieved of the headaches and liabilities of storage so you can focus on your business at hand.

Retirement Planning

Every physician knows that stored specimens are a liability when it's time to sell. In fact, the more embryos, and the older the specimens, the larger the liability. This can run into tens of thousands of dollars off a sale price.

So if you're thinking about retirement or selling... it's never too early to transfer specimens to long-term storage. In fact, the sooner the better. If your specimens have been managed well - it may cost you nothing to move your specimens. However, if your records or past patients aren't current, there will be a fee for us to assume those accounts. But time is of the essence, because the greater the amount of old and abandoned accounts you have, the greater liability - which in turn will affect your bottom line.

Clinic Closings

Often when clinics close they have to find off-site continuing storage for specimens. In this situation, we review all patient accounts and calculate the fees ReproTech will charge to assume the liability of the clinic's cryostorage accounts. These fees are dependent on how well accounts are managed and tracked, as well as the number of abandoned specimens within the mix.