Storage Solutions for Reproductive Specialists

Fertility centers recognize that long-term, offsite storage is essential to a successful practice. They know the burdens that come with storing non-cycling specimens onsite. Failures in tank monitoring, maintenance, and mix-ups within clinics sometimes bring negative exposure on a national level.

While some clinics believe the risk is worth the revenue that storage fees provide, proactive liability management is the safest, most cost-effective strategy.

The best storage solution is a partnership with ReproTech.

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Ongoing Liability Management

Our Auto Transfer Management (ATM) program minimizes risk for fertility clinics and provides expert storage for your patients. Once a patient is no longer cycling or has completed specimen freezing service, those embryos, eggs, or sperm are automatically sent to ReproTech for ongoing storage. Specimens are returned to you in free group shipments when patients are ready to use them. Everything is coordinated with our experienced staff, who work with fertility clinic staff daily and understand the patients’ fertility journey.

Retirement Planning

Physicians and practice managers understand stored specimens are a dilemma when it’s time to sell. The more embryos and the older the specimens in storage, the larger the liability. This added liability can cost tens of thousands of dollars off a sale price.

It’s never too early to transfer specimens to long-term storage if you’re thinking about retirement or selling. The sooner, the better. If your specimens are well managed – it may cost you nothing to move them. However, if your previous patient records aren’t current, we charge a fee to assume those accounts. Time is of the essence because the more old and abandoned accounts you have, the greater the liability – which will affect your bottom line.

There’s no cost to you!

With Auto Transfer Management in place, we handle shipping and all the fees. Once a patient’s specimens are sent to us, we become responsible for billing, collections, and handling the final disposition of the specimens. Your staff can refocus their time on providing patients with the best care.

Clinic Closings

When clinics close, they often have to find continuing offsite storage for specimens. In this situation, we review all patient accounts and calculate the fees ReproTech will charge to assume the liability of the clinic’s cryostorage accounts. Our fees depend on how well these accounts have been managed and tracked, and the number of included abandoned specimens.


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