ReproTech’s directory of testicular tissue freezing centers

Testicular tissue freezing is a procedure many clinics are using to preserve male fertility. ReproTech has partnered with a number of facilities that harvest and preserve testicular tissue and send them to us to keep their specimens safe for the long term.

Keep in mind, testicular tissue cryopreservation is an option for prepubertal patients who are not producing sperm and therefore are unable to provide a semen sample. In the future using cryopreserved testicular tissue may help your child to achieve their dream of conceiving a biological child of their own.

It is important to emphasize that the methods described here are experimental. Only a limited number of patients have cryopreserved their testicular tissue. Currently, there has been no reported spermatogenic recoveries or pregnancies produced from cryopreserved testicular tissues.

However, there are several research methods in development dedicated to restoring fertility and/or producing sperm after cancer treatments. The future possibility that preserved testicular tissue or cells can be used to restore fertility or conceive a biological child is very likely. Anticipating that new therapies will soon be made available, many centers in the US and abroad have determined that it is reasonable to preserve testicular tissue for young patients who are at high risk for infertility and have no other options to preserve their fertility.

For this procedure, testicular tissue is frozen and safely stored for possible use in the future. ReproTech partners with qualified IVF laboratories who are experts at preserving testicular tissue before sending specimens to us for long-term storage. Find a testicular tissue cryopreservation laboratory close to you on the map.

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