University of Minnesota to close fertility clinic

May 5, 2015 - A pioneering fertility clinic at the University of Minnesota has recently announced its decision to close it’s practice on June 30, 2015. The clinic, the first in Minnesota to provide in vitro fertilization, reached this decision after learning that three of their physicians would be leaving to join the growing number of private IVF practices in the state.


Private IVF centers are on the rise in Minnesota and elsewhere due in part to the increased success and awareness of IVF along with the millennial generation’s desire to postpone parenthood until later in life when fertility issues might arise. With an increasing number of young couples choosing to have oocytes, embryos, and other reproductive samples frozen and stored for later use, the need for more clinics becomes clear as does the need for stable storage solutions.

A letter on the UofM website assured patients that their frozen embryos would be transferred to a safe facility off-site for storage. The closing of a large facility like the IVF Center at the UofM underscores the importance of safe, secure handling, storage, and management of frozen embryos and other reproductive material. The rise in popularity of IVF will certainly lead to more mergers, closures and acquisitions of IVF clinics. Only a safe and secure management system can keep all of their patients dreams from getting lost in the shuffle.

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