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Storage Fees

We pride ourselves on a simple, straightforward fee structure. ReproTech, Ltd. does not include add-on fees such as handling fees, account set-up fees, etc., which are charged by commercial sperm banks who also offer long-term storage.

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Online payments

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ReproTech, Ltd, does not charge a storage fee for semen or oocytes when a client is storing embryos.

Sperm, Oocytes (Eggs), Ovarian Tissue or Testicular Tissue

Billing Period Standard Potentially Infectious
Quarterly $75 $113
1 year $275 $413
2 years $490 $735
3 years $705 $1058
5 years $1050 $1575
10 years $1905 $2858


Billing Period Standard Potentially Infectious
Quarterly $106 $159
1 year $400 $600
2 years $700 $1050
3 years $1000 $1500
5 years $1400 $2100
10 years $2645 $3968

Call to obtain fees for additional pre-paid billing intervals. Note, that you may always change your billing interval at the end of your current period.

OverNite Male™

For most patients*, $575 covers the costs for the first year (includes the kit, delivery of the kit to and from you, processing, transfer and storage for the first year with ReproTech, Ltd.). For those patients who choose to bank more than one specimen, additional kits are available for $350 each. Note that the recurring annual storage fee is billed on a per patient basis, not a per specimen basis, so whether you choose to use one kit or five, your recurring annual storage fee will be just $275.

*An additional annual storage fee of $138 is assessed for patients who do not forward infectious disease testing and/or who have tested reactive for an infectious disease.


Account Setup Fee No Charge
Stat Fee (assessed when shipment is required the same day completed RTL paperwork is received) $100
Handling Fee No Charge
Late Fee*
(*Late fees applied to accounts with overdue balances)


Local Medical Courier*
(*Available within metro area of each RTL office)
Overnight Air Courier One Tank**
(For shipments within the U.S.)
$20,000 Optional Shipping Insurance $38.00
$35,000 Optional Shipping Insurance $58.00

Shipping Insurance provides coverage against specimen loss due to damaged or destroyed shipping tanks or compromised specimens due to dramatic change in temperature while in transit.  A separate policy must be purchased for each leg of a shipment containing the specimens  more info.....

**Two tanks recommended if specimens packaged in multiple storage containers.

**Shipping Fee may be reduced if clinic arranges for group shipments from clinic to ReproTech, Ltd.

The fees for the transfer and storage must be prepaid by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, money order or e-check.