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Great News for Patients – Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation
Now Considered Standard Care!

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recently stated that “ovarian tissue banking is an acceptable fertility-preservation technique and is no longer considered experimental.” (Read ASRM article here.) ReproTech has always been a strong advocate for making all fertility preservation options available to patients and we have worked closely with some of the first hospitals offering ovarian tissue cryopreservation to pre- and post-pubertal females, beginning in 2010, through the Oncofertility Consortium. For some girls, freezing ovarian tissue before starting fertility threatening treatments due to cancer or other illnesses is the only method of preserving their fertility as they are too young to retrieve mature eggs. Later in life, when these girls and young women are ready to start a family, if they have trouble conceiving naturally, the hope is that their tissue retrieved before chemotherapy, or other treatments, can be transplanted back into their bodies allowing them to achieve pregnancy. Changing ovarian tissue cryopreservation from experimental to standard care is a huge step forward in being able to offer this procedure to more patients in more hospitals throughout the country and also helps to push for better insurance coverage for medical expenses related to preservation. A wonderful development for patients who are survivors of childhood cancer giving them the hope of future fertility.