reprotech responds

June is the month for recognizing fathers and the key role they play in families and in raising children. Many ReproTech staff have experience in the sperm banking industry and we have always understood the importance of protecting men’s reproductive possibilities through fertility preservation. There are many reasons men choose to store reproductive specimens; while going through fertility treatments, due to a cancer diagnosis, before military deployment or just to store sperm collected at a younger age for use later in life. ReproTech takes seriously its role in helping men create their families by providing the safest specimen storage on the planet.

Summer is here and June is also the official start of hurricane season and tropical storms have already begun to form in the Atlantic. At our Florida facility, all of our storage tanks are protected inside Category 5 Hurricane Safe rooms that can sustain winds greater than 155 miles per hour and our location was specifically chosen because it is outside the 500 year flood plain. ReproTech is the only organization that offers this high level of security, providing our clients with priceless peace of mind.