Verna’s Purse

Financial Assistance for Cancer Survivors

ReproTech strives to make fertility preservation services available to all individuals who are facing fertility-threatening treatment, therefore we are proud to offer a generous financial assistance program to patients faced with economic challenges, particularly at a time when it is hardest to handle. Verna’s Purse is that program.

The program is designed to be as generous as its namesake, Verna Hazelrigg. Verna was a generous and giving individual. Generous with her time, her money, and her love. If Verna had one vice, it was her penchant for designer purses, particularly Fendi. It seemed to many to be such a paradox, that this small-town girl who enjoyed baseball, blue jeans, and rodeo, would spend her extra money on purses.

July 9, 2000, at the young age of 36, Verna lost her battle with breast cancer, but her memory and generosity live on through Verna’s Purse.

If you are questioning whether you can afford to preserve your fertility or afford to maintain your specimens already in storage, please download and review the application to see if you qualify. Verna would have liked nothing more than to be able to reach into her purse, one more time, and offer some help.